Wednesday, 4 August 2010

~Tony Offer leans on a feisty rainbow at Bigland~

Unsettled weather brings daytime sport:

Look what happens when you do a rain dance......a spell of changeable weather that's difficult to predict! This might well bring trout on the feed, but the reality is they could feed at anytime of day, followed by long spells of inactivity. Thankfully, Tony Offer and I walked right into a hatch of buzzers on Bigland Hall trout fishery the other morning. It was pretty much a case of attaching a dry fly and flinging it out there. Sport was hectic for the next hour or so then like someone flicking that proverbial switch the rise came to an abrupt end. We scratched about for a couple of hours only be be rewarded with half-hearted tugs to a variety of nymphs. At least with hot and settled conditions you're nigh on guaranteed action as the sun dips away.