Thursday, 5 August 2010

~Tony Riley places a cast tight against the trees~

~Two hands put serious pressure on my Orvis TLS 8-weight~

~Phew..............nearly there~

Obliging Carp:

The topsy-turvy weather of late has certainly made pinning down fly hatches difficult. Consequently, trout have been just as elusive, so we're having a concerted effort at carp with fly. In honesty, it's great fun that makes an exciting change from chasing nervous trout. And when carp start sipping down free offerings, tense moments follow as you try to pitch a fly in front of their noses. Mind you, it's never a forgone conclusion as carp can be canny old beasts themselves. Thankfully the desire to feed eventually overrides their suspicious nature when if you're quiet, it's possible to hook yourself a fish. Then the fun really begins, taming them is no easy feat, even if using an 8-weight outfit. You might say "they pull like a train"........


~A solid looking common carp~