Wednesday, 18 August 2010

~Preparing for a Pyrenees experience~

~Uphill Battle....(The foreground debris is avalanche damage)~

~Winter avalanches easily flatten trees~

A true Pyrenees experience:

You can't visit the Pyrenees and not do what many consider a true mountain experience. This involves a trek high into one of the countless valleys. Salvelinus Lodge tailor their fishing to visitors requests and I wasn't disappointed with our climb into snow clad peaks towering above us. Frequent breaks allowed us to watch vultures circle overhead-our only company for the entire day. Damage from winter avalanches pointed to an extreme environment, God only knows how trout survive up here? A small mountain creek was our destination and the first glimpse only made my heart race faster. We'd finally arrived, time then to tackle up!


~The rewards of a long walk.................Pure wilderness~

~ Nearly there and ready for battle~