Monday, 18 January 2010

~Prior to introducing the scissors-an unruly mess~

~Clipped to shape-that's better~

New Zealand:

I haven't posted for a while, as been busy at the vice preparing for an upcoming trip to New Zealand. Apparently, it's a "mouse year" out there. This phenomena occurs every five to seven years when the yield of beech mast is so huge as to create a surplus of food. As ever, nature is quick to take advantage and not surprisingly, with so much grub available, mice do what they do best and breed like crazy............ Foraging close to the water, many of these creatures perish in the margins, providing a tasty mouthful for watchful trout. So, it's been a case of tying up various patterns that will hopefully get put to good use. I'm heading out there in just over a day now (one more sleep...!) and aim to update my blog from out there.

~A nest of mice~

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

~AAPGAI Members warming up with coffee~

Freeze Continues:

With continued ice and snow, rather than suffer cabin fever, it's as well to get out and keep the old casting arm well oiled. A bunch of the AAPGAI members gather for a seasonal cast on the banks of the Ribble. Although the river level was a touch high, all had an enjoyable session in freezing conditions. Let's hope it warms up soon........