Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A casualty of war:


My 10-weight Helios took a knock at some point during a day chasing tarpon last week, which split the fighting butt cork (right).  Electrician’s insulation tape came to the rescue as temporary field dressing (always handy to have in your bag).  However, back at home I was able to carry out a permanent repair using epoxy resin.


Friday, 7 December 2012

Those who made it happen:

P1020714~The best in the business-Casa Viejo Chac guides are friendly souls~

Organising a spell of saltwater fishing requires input from many people if only to ensure everything runs smoothly.  We enjoyed excellent accommodation with first class food at Casa Viejo Chac made possible by Manuel Chac. Our guides too were not only friendly and professional who had profound knowledge of this tropical environment, often pointing out all sorts of sightings and strange creatures.  The whole package was brought together by Mat McHugh of Fly Odyssey who has already secured dates for 2013 for enquires and details email: enquiries@flyodyssey.co.uk Tel: 01621 743711





There are few better places to enjoy lunch than on the bows of skiff in Ascension Bay, Chucho and Oscar getting stuck in during a well deserved break…









(Left to right) chef Pepe and Marbella with barman Charly who provided us with a banquet of delicious food and drink during our stay

Thursday, 6 December 2012

All good things come to an end:


Our second group of 12 anglers were armed with 46 rods in total, enough to sink a small battle.  Sadly they left some days ago and packing myself, I now know how gut wrenching it must have been for them.  Three weeks odd of solid fishing can spoil a man when you definitely get into some sort of a routine.  Strong coffee and fresh fruit for breakfast will be missed.  So too the morning strolls along Ascension Bay.  Naturally the fishing itself is going to leave a massive void, especially when practiced in shirt sleeves and shorts.  Then there was the evening craic when we were blessed with Nigel Chambers, arguably one the greatest story tellers known to man…  Unfortunately, his good friend and boat partner Selby Knox took the brunt of his poetic tales…the boys will be sorely missed.





~46 rods and reels take up a fair amount of space the minibus groaned when our second group departed~ 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Persistence Pays:


~One happy chappy-JWS displays a fine permit~

Permit junkie James Warbrick-Smith invested a fair amount of time in search of this elusive, yet highly prized species.  Following a series of tough days eventually his luck changed.  Though skill was still needed to convert fleeting shapes into hooked fish when James managed to bag himself a brace of permit on consecutive days.  Proof that if you stick to a game plan, persistence really does pay.





The pose might be the same,but permit No2 for JWS…!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Shark Attack:


~Despite being tired, 4ft of snapping teeth demands respect at all times~

Ambling along bonefish flats brings you into contact with all kinds of creatures.  Whilst hunting a sandy shore one morning, a shark decided to get a slice of the action by trying to nab one of my bonefish, making everything else on the flat nervous.  Handing my cuda rod to Chucho, he promptly dealt with this persistent offender, allowing me to get on with the serious job of sighting ghostly shapes and tailing fish.






Guide Chucho clutching a black tip shark which had previously given us the run around







~Another bonefish is safely released without the fear of nearby sharks~


Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Weird and the wonderful…


~A perfect miniature of the giant Black Grouper with stunning markings~

Our trip to Ascension Bay has thrown up a rich variety of weird and wonderful sightings.  Everything from the tiny groupers to tracks of racoons and gangly legged spider crabs.  Though for me the chance to peer into an osprey’s nest and view their eggs ranked high on my list.




~Prehistoric in their appearance Horseshoe Crabs are abundant in Ascension Bay~










~Racoons left their prints along most shorelines and although a secretive creature, we did manage a glance of one~





~Spider crabs might be all legs, but they do pack a nasty nip with their claws~





A sunken branch provided the all important platform for this ospreys' nest which was a mere head height above sea level




~a brace of osprey eggs nestle in a shallow depression lined with seaweed~