Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Weird and the wonderful…


~A perfect miniature of the giant Black Grouper with stunning markings~

Our trip to Ascension Bay has thrown up a rich variety of weird and wonderful sightings.  Everything from the tiny groupers to tracks of racoons and gangly legged spider crabs.  Though for me the chance to peer into an osprey’s nest and view their eggs ranked high on my list.




~Prehistoric in their appearance Horseshoe Crabs are abundant in Ascension Bay~










~Racoons left their prints along most shorelines and although a secretive creature, we did manage a glance of one~





~Spider crabs might be all legs, but they do pack a nasty nip with their claws~





A sunken branch provided the all important platform for this ospreys' nest which was a mere head height above sea level




~a brace of osprey eggs nestle in a shallow depression lined with seaweed~