Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Slovenia beckons. Due to return on Sat 27th June. Currently, the rivers and streams are running a wee bit on the high side out. Fingers crossed, the weather will be kind, allowing things to settle down a little. Hopefully then, I'll have lots to discuss on returning.


Monday, 1 June 2009

Duffers' Fortnight......

Our most celebrated of upwinged species the Mayfly has been hatching for a few weeks now. Obviously, in the South things kick off a week or two sooner than they do further North. The Eden is currently experiencing a surge in Mayfly activity and thankfully our local trout population relish such a mouthful. Only the other day I watched a steady trickle of Mayfly drift down a pool on Eden's middle reaches. Ashamedly caught out for once, with my mayfly box lying in the car, a size 10 tan Klinkhamer came to my rescue. Nine trout couldn't resit a carefully presented fly the best of them going a respectable 1lb 12oz.


The Big Fellows are Up!

It's no secret that hunting large trout is definitely my bag. And whilst the rewards are rich there can be long periods of inactivity and meagre pickings. However, when those big fellows do decide to show, nothing compares with seeing a large snout poke through the surface film to intercept another hapless dun. From first finding this fish feeding close to a cluster of boulders, an hour of cat and mouse ensued before its downfall. Patience then is the fly fisher's byword on many occasions. Of course, nerves of steel are just as important to make that telling cast. Having done the usual "hands and knees" approach this beastly 4lb 7oz wild brown took my fly on the fifth cast. Several minutes of heart pounding fight followed before the net finally folded round my prize~magical stuff.