Saturday, 6 March 2010

~The unmistakable shape of a permit~
Mexico Trip:

This week I'm leading a group to Mexico in search of permit. We're heading to the south end of Ascension Bay. Apparently, March is the month for these elusive yet highly prized fish. Of course, if they don't show, hopefully the bonefish, tarpon and snook will keep us entertained!


~A belting permit for Mike Bilson on our previous visit~

(photos-John Slader)
~The secret fly.........!~

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Oreti River:

The Oreti ranks as one of New Zealand's most popular rivers. And rightly so, as it has a good head of large brown trout where a possible double figure fish is on the cards-with luck on your side of course! Although the upper reaches are sought after beats, lower down the system you can find miles of bank without seeing another fishermen. Mat McHugh and I explored these downstream stretches and encountered some decent trout.


~A good fish finally yields~

~A good looking Oreti Brown~