Thursday, 6 December 2012

All good things come to an end:


Our second group of 12 anglers were armed with 46 rods in total, enough to sink a small battle.  Sadly they left some days ago and packing myself, I now know how gut wrenching it must have been for them.  Three weeks odd of solid fishing can spoil a man when you definitely get into some sort of a routine.  Strong coffee and fresh fruit for breakfast will be missed.  So too the morning strolls along Ascension Bay.  Naturally the fishing itself is going to leave a massive void, especially when practiced in shirt sleeves and shorts.  Then there was the evening craic when we were blessed with Nigel Chambers, arguably one the greatest story tellers known to man…  Unfortunately, his good friend and boat partner Selby Knox took the brunt of his poetic tales…the boys will be sorely missed.





~46 rods and reels take up a fair amount of space the minibus groaned when our second group departed~