Tuesday, 24 August 2010

~We're heading for the river in the distance (mid picture)~

~Taking a well earned break~

Back to the Hills:

My visit to the Pyrenees can be likened to being a kid in a sweet shop-the more rivers I fish the more I want to fish (if that makes sense?). I really can't get enough of this wild terrain and each new stream I visit the more I marvel at how resilient the native trout are in this environment. Untouched by man these trout have survived for millennia, sometimes under 3 metres of snow for months at a time. Obviously, when the snow melts these fish have a keen appetite, good news for visiting fly fishers. Ivan assured me that even modest sized trout will readily snap up large grasshopper or Chernobyl ant pattern. I took some convincing, but eventually had the nerve to knot one to my leader and was duly rewarded with a string of hard fighting mountain trout.


~Dropping a fly into an attractive plunge pool~

~Pretty as a picture.....!~

~We were treated to stunning waterfalls on our walk out~