Friday, 20 August 2010

~Low clear water demands an Indian style approach~

~Total solitude and a promising pool~

Bright weather brings good fortune:

Generally speaking, our native trout in the UK tend to hide away on bright sunny days, thankfully trout in the Pyrenees don't share this trait. In fact, it could be argued that warmer weather is beneficial to dry fly sport, as many terrestrials become more active during the day here. Do bear in mind that even at this time of year, at high altitude, night time temperatures drop below freezing............ So with grasshoppers and ants all around me, I viewed the low water of a high mountain stream with a degree of promise. Mind you with such a steep gradient, it was vital to present the fly with ample slack line. And, when you got it right, trout would eagerly snap up your fly............pure magic.


~A strong male Brookie comes to hand~

~The exquisite markings of a hen Brook Trout~