Sunday, 22 August 2010

~Another day, another valley~

~A promising pool~

Zebra Trout don't disappoint:

One of the problems you're faced with in the Pyrenees is with so many rivers to go at, that of deciding on which valley to fish next? I took a day away from high mountain creeks, instead opting to search a crystal clear stream at a more relaxed pace. With sparkling water rushing over decent sized boulders, it wasn't hard to imagine all the potential feeding lies for trout. This was the ideal habitat from the fabled Zebra Trout found throughout the Pyrenees. Although Zebras bear similarities to brown trout, they are shy, nervous creatures which demand respect. They are also masters of their environment and literally melt into the surroundings. So, utilising longer casts than normal, I eventually managed to winkle out some decent fish with a small dry fly.


~A nice Zebra Trout (note the distinct banding along its flanks)~