Wednesday, 28 July 2010

~Tony Riley waiting for carp to show as the light fades~

Carp on the Feed:

With fluctuating river levels and moody trout, it was time to try for a summer carp. The CLA Game Fair didn't help matters either, as our local rivers hit optimum height whilst we were down in Warwickshire doing our bit! Warm summer evenings will see carp venture to the surface, especially if a handful of free offerings are scattered in a quiet corner. Then it's a matter of being patient and waiting for wary carp to gain confidence. Of course this is only half the battle the real fun begins when you connect with one of these hefty creatures. Pulling like a small train, even on an 8-weight outfit, carp can be more than a handful.


~A delicate cast, tight in against the reeds~

~Grinning like a Cheshire cat... a huge common carp is finally subdued~