Thursday, 15 July 2010

~The bulging rise of a hefty trout, stationed upstream of the break of a boulder~
~5lb 6oz of Icelandic muscle~

Our Prayers are Answered:

Day 3 on the Minni and we awoke to flat calm conditions. Orvis endorsed guide Toby Coe and I walked the lower beat to encounter rising trout in most pools. The still air was just the window we had been waiting for, as midge hatched all round us. Size 18 black Klinkhamers were rarely refused, so long as the presentation was delicate. With fish to throw at, we simply took it in turns working up the river and every so often, something a bit more special could be found rising on the smooth tail of a pool. Nerves of steel and a steady hand were required though, otherwise these huge trout quietly slipped away, never to be seen again. Thankfully, we remained composed enough to winkle out a few larger fish.


~Toby Coe lays down a measured cast~
~Bingo-fish on~