Tuesday, 13 July 2010

~Storm clouds gather over volcano Eyjafjallajökull~
(Note the two twisters in the distance)

Strange weather around Volcano Eyjafjallajökull:

I'm just back from a jaunt on the river Minnivallalaekur in Iceland, close to volcano Eyjafjallajökull which erupted in April. Interestingly the weather trend here was strange, perhaps influenced by the volcano's recent activity? What I can report is we experienced stormy weather on most days and that included three twisters rattling up the valley. On the fishing side of things, our arrival coincided with some pretty fierce winds that aren't really conducive to good dry fly fishing-not in my book anyway! This restricted our early efforts to nymphs and streamer fishing as we prayed for a calmer conditions.


~Two pots of gold......~

~Breezy conditions ruffle the Minni's surface~