Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Up, up…and Away:

P1000615Four wheel trucks and shanks’ pony might well take you to some remote places, but it will only get you so far.  Many NZ’s rivers remain protected by steep sided gorges that are covered in dense thicket and impenetrable bush.  Accessing these desirable spots is pretty much be air only-namely a helicopter.  Admittedly, it’s exciting stuff, but you’re always nervous as the investment of time and money doesn’t always pay off and once you’ve been dropped at a given stream, there’s no turning back.

~With rays of sun creeping over the mountains, we headed upstream looking for a likely place to touch down~






Having made our decision there was no turning back now.  Ian and Toby look on as the pilot prepares for departure…

…Hidden gems like this river generally flow as clear as a bottle of Gordon’s where it’s possible to enjoy a true wilderness experience.  Ian Cole scans the area where shallow water meets deep, looking for likely shadows…