Thursday, 7 March 2013

Early Birds:


Targeting unchartered streams or those that didn’t have form pretty much meant you had them to yourself.  However,more celebrated rivers drew fishermen like bees to honey.  To claim a section of bank then you needed to be there first.  Up before a sparrow’s fart, we did just that when fishing one of NZ’s well known spring creeks (chalkstreams to you & I).  Thankfully, we’d managed to bag a cracking section of water, requiring us to sit back and wait until good light allowed play…easier said than done…





~A rising sun might well have burnt away the residual cloud of dawn, but long shadows aren’t conductive to good spotting.  However, this didn’t stop me having a sneaky glimpse just in case~






Hours later a climbing sun allowed us to scope most of the streambed, its trailing fronds of weed and hopefully some finning occupants