Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ropey start to Season:


Having returned home, thoughts focussed on March 15th the start of our trout season.  Last year’s temperatures reached a balmy 9 degrees Celsius.  This year however, opening day dawned cold, wet and miserable with snow affecting upland regions.  Consequently, I spent opening day trudging around watching a rising river, which became increasingly mucky.  With a thermometer struggling to reach 2oC I never even made a cast.  The highlight of the day was helping to free a Large Dark Olive from its partially discarded shuck.  With no end in sight of this unwelcome arctic blast, it looks like the start of our season is on hold…welcome home lad…




~Despite a fleeting glimpse of midday sunshine, snowmelt continually leached into the river, causing a chilly lift in levels~




~Lifted from the water and free of its nymphal shuck this female LDO could otherwise have perished…A good deed done for the day~