Saturday, 30 March 2013

Flurries of snow instead of Olives…


More in frustration rather than hope, I headed to the river for another dose of frostbite… With plenty of snow blanketing surrounding hills the drive down dirt tracks to a favoured beat was pictureque if nothing else.  Tackling up pretty much prompted the arrival of more snow too.  With eyes stinging and numb hands, I eventually found a willing trout, tucked up in a secluded corner and quietly sipping down the odd midge.  Thankfully, he couldn’t resist a size 20 Shuttle-smut and was duly released.  Hanging about proved fruitless though as even more snow piled in.  With the water temp of 3oC and a wind chill of minus something or other, I called it quits at 3.20pm.




~Arctic temperatures had caused ice to formed on trailing branches and boughs~





…The only thing to fill the icy air was snowflakes and not olives…