Friday, 8 March 2013

Early start pays handsomely:


In my opinion, sitting in long, wet grass at first light is not worth dragging your backside out of bed for!  However, the sun hitting our back quickly burns away away dripping dew to transform a day.  Slowly edging up river we started locating trout and what fish, averaging over 5lb these spring creek browns were in spanking condition.  Naturally, hooking them was only half the battle as they instantly made for nearby weedbeds or other structure, causing for several nervous moments.






…Trout were quick to find menacing weed-nothing for it but to follow them and try a dislodging manoeuvre…








Phew…safely retrieved from nearby weed and ready for the net









A lump of a trout is turned loose to fight another day-no wonder he gave me the run around!








A likely shadow was seen where the arrow points.  Question is, was it a fish at all, and if so, how big would it go…?









Answer, yep, it’s a fish alright, all 7lb plus of it…















Another bruiser about to be released…what a day!