Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Off the Mark…


With wintry showers since opening day, I’ve never known such a grim start to our season.  And, having got my fingers burnt due to a lifting river on March 15th, venturing out seemed foolhardy.  That was until yesterday morning when despite an icy start,it looked fairly pleasant outside by 10.30am.  However, turning up at the river with an icy air temp of 4oC and the water reading 3.5oC, once more I wished I hadn’t bothered.  That was until 1.30ish when a flurry of Large Darks brought up a few trout.  Aware that this precious activity might only last for minutes, I bolted up the river to a favourite pool or two.  A carefully placed dun did its job for me to latch into a handful of trout.  Nothing huge, but good honest fish the best topping 1lb 8oz, getting me well and truly off the mark!


~A clean, fit looking fish the first of a new season is naturally welcome though made all that bit sweeter when taken on dry fly~







~As time was precious, rather than faff about with delicate CdC patterns, floating like a cork this Poly-wing Dun worked its magic~







More fish followed, including this torpedo shaped 1lb 8oz beauty