Sunday 17 March 2013

Strong…like Russian bear!


Tangling with big trout requires tackle you have total faith in.  Of course, rod, fly line and tippet are all vitally important.  However, everything’s academic if you plan on using hooks with a fine or even standard wire.  These simply aren’t up to the job of levering tenacious fish away from their bolt holes.  The new Partridge Wet Heavy Supreme on the other hand is designed not to straighten, even on the most stubborn of fish.  In fact, having used them on our New Zealand adventure, I can happily report they are Strong…like Russian bear…




A close up of the Partridge Wet Heavy Supreme, which you’ve got to say is forged like a ship’s anchor!







~Size for size the new Partridge Supreme Wet hook (left) is even heavier and stronger than a Kamasan B-175 (right), making it ideal for the stillwater fraternity or those who hunt trophy trout~










Some hook models simply weren’t up to the job when dealing with NZ’s trout population