Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Sound Investment:


With the helicopter but a distant drone, we got our bearings and made off upstream.  Yet, within 200 yards encountered our first problem, the river spilt into two distinct arms, which one should we take?  Following a brief confab, we agreed on the left-hand branch.  Five pools later however without incident and we were beginning to get twitchy.  Pool six though had a brace of fish rising simultaneously, tight against the far bank.  Toby nailed the first trout then it was my turn.  Thankfully, everything went like clockwork though this fish pulled hard.  It’s always a relief when these slabs eventually lay on their sides to surrender. A fair bit of marching was needed before discovering future trout and this time Ian stepped up. Granted, it might have been a long walk between drinks, but at least we were finding fish and a good sized ones at that, making our investment worthwhile!






~Toby’s first fish went just shy of 6lb~










Same pool and the second trout, a cock fish topping 6lb





~Where we couldn’t see fish, but suspected them to be lying, Ian worked hard by throwing speculative casts into these perceived honeypots~