Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bleak Outlook…


To satisfy my curiosity, I wandered up the river this afternoon (right).  With a strong easterly whipping right off the Pennine tops, I didn’t even bother taking a rod.  Just as well really, for at 2.43pm the air temperature hovered at minus 1oC and the water wasn’t much better at 2.5oC.  Given this Baltic blast not surprisingly no trout were daft enough to poke their noses through the icy surface.  It goes without saying, no flies were hatching either and with forecasters predicting more nasty weather, it looks positively bleak.  Nothing for it then but to kick back and indulge in the latest issue of Fieldsports which is a fly fishing special focussing on destination fishing:




~The latest issue of Fieldsports is crammed with page upon page of fly fishing in warmer climes…total escapism given our horrible weather~