Saturday, 28 July 2012

Careful Planning:


Planning a visit to the river has been more of a science rather than good judgement lately.  Monitoring countless weather forecasts then praying levels have dropped to something like a reasonable height, it was a case of striking when the iron’s hot.  With the Yorkshire Ure in good fettle I nipped over to meet Neil Whitehead and Paul Cowan to point them in the right direction.  Dry fly was the order of the day and the pair quickly got their eye in.  Neil was first to score when a solid 16” trout sipped down a tiny black Klink. Paul got in on the action too though he found a size 16 olive F fly worked a treat.  Despite a nagging downstream breeze coupled with fairly persistent rain a respectable number of trout and grayling were toppled during a modest flush of BWOs.  At least all this high water isn’t preventing fly from hatching.  Paul~







~Diligently drifting a small olive F fly down foaming current lanes, Paul Cowan hits into another good fish~







~When it comes to rattling out grayling, Crocodile Dundee can’t hold a candle to Neil Whitehead~