Monday, 16 July 2012

Somewhere Secluded:


~Scoping the river from up high before dropping in to a likely pool~


P1020155At last, a brief interlude in the wet weather has allowed our rivers to settle down nicely.  With flows almost back to something like normal levels, I headed out to a little known area in search of trout.  Beneath the canopy trout could be heard sipping down tiny flies.  My NDT (non-descript terrestrial) did the business on smooth glides while a large Klinkhamer came to my rescue in more streamy parts.  Nothing huge today, but fit fish nonetheless that when hooked scooted about all over the pool, putting a decent bend in my 3-weight rod.  It’s nice to be tempting trout at the surface once more.  Paul~

~This plump trout nobbled a size 12 Klinkhamer~