Friday, 6 July 2012

Best until last:


~Fly Odyssey Iceland 2012 L-R: Colin, Ian, Stjani and myself on the final push~

Not a breath of wind greeted us on our last morning and Stjani seemed as excited as ever.  We dashed down to the lake expecting fish to be topping everywhere.  Sadly, bar the odd dimple, nothing showed.  Admittedly, our heads went down, but Stjani had one last ace up his sleeve.  Five minutes later we were stood on the banks of a nearby river watching trout gently sipping down midges.  Trying to remain composed when you’re pitching at a bruiser greedily feeding under the far bank is difficult at best.  Granted I might well have cocked-up the first big fish of the day, but a string of beauties including the one below made up for it. 

Plans are already afoot for our 2013 July/Aug visit featuring Stjani "The Viking” and specimen trout...  for further details contact Fly Odyssey: or myself: