Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What a day:


Our man Stjani treated us to an experience I’ll never forgot, a day on the mighty Laxa.  This is pretty much midge central and the trout here can go totally daft under the right conditions.  Our day started with heavy cloud and rain,but this didn’t deter midges from emerging.  Of course, trout plucking such tiny items from the surface rarely betray their presence and ultimately the skill lay in  detecting subtle rise forms, especially in the more turbulent areas of a pool.  Naturally, you do lose a few trout in fast currents, thankfully though enough came hand, making this an unforgettable experience…




~Ace guide Gummi (who’d I swear can sniff fish out…) gets the measure of a fat Laxa midge feeder~




~Even icy rain fails to dampen your spirits when trout like this are in the offing. Several fish of this ilk were encountered of this special day…can it get any better?