Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Is this River X or Y..?

For a year or so I’ve been visiting a couple of rivers within easy striking distance of home. Granted they might not contain truly enormous trout but they’re feisty beggars and free rising too.  Best of all though they respond well even in high water or during sultry summer afternoons (a rarity I know).  I popped along the other day to enjoy a few hours of what is best described as blistering sport.  Every single fish fell to dry flies with my NDT and a small tan Klinkhamer coming up trumps. It’s nice to have such places up your sleeve though a couple of buddies (Mr Bond and The Silverback) are itching to known their location.  Well this is about as close as they’ll get for now… 

~A trout smacks into my dry fly close to the far bank~



…Pretty as a picture and plump too…wild trout like this for a tenner a day is outstanding value, a bargain you won’t find on ebay Mr Bond…