Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bela Bank High:


Hailing from deepest Somerset, Toby Merigan of Funky Fly Tying was up doing the rounds and I was keen to show him what we had to offer here in Cumbria.  As is always the case when guests visit, our rivers fail to behave themselves…  With rising water on the Eden and other places, we found refuge on the Bela catchment.  Clarity might well have been good but levels remained high.  Amazingly, a good few trout seemed prepared to poke their noses out and meet our dry flies.  No whoppers today, but at least I fulfilled the promise of showing Toby rising fish, something he’s been deprived of further south.








~Toby reaches out to claim another Bela Brown~












…By his own admission, built like a wrestler, trout never look big next to Toby…