Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gripping Stuff:


All this damn rain has kept me off running water for almost a week now.  Aside from a spot of fly tying the only thing keeping me sane are regular casting jaunts.  Funny, when you take rising trout out of the equation your focus shifts to the sheer sensation of fly casting.  One thing which really stood out was the grip on a fly rod, or more precisely, how gentle this should be!  Now feeling is both subjective and unique to every single one of us.  However, something we can all relate to is toothpaste (bear with me here).  A great analogy to adhere to when holding a rod is imagine you’re grasping a tube of toothpaste minus its lid.  Your grip should be snug, yet relaxed enough to prevent toothpaste oozing from its nozzle.



~Toothpaste tubes might might not throw dynamic loops… but they’re great for teaching a relaxed grip~