Friday, 31 August 2012



According to national radio, folks are calling flying ants “flants” these days...  Now, we’ve already had these little beggars swarming over Cumbria and given recent weather trends, I thought that was the last of them for 2102.  However, despite frequent dollops of rain, humidity levels remained high which suits these winged armies.  Consequently they seem to have found their second wind.  Admittedly, I failed to connect with one of those biblical events, but enough adults landed on water for me to dig out an ant pattern of sorts-namely my NDT (next Fly of the Month).  Whatever fly you choose, be sure its backside penetrates the surface film, just like the swamped natural below.  Paul~

Eden 11 050











~With their bulbous abdomen, ants tumbling to the water quickly become swamped.  With little chance of escape now, they’re sitting ducks for watchful trout.  Obviously, our imitations should mimic this posture~

Trapped Ant 11