Saturday, 3 April 2010

~Tony waiting for a rise~
~Rich Rewards-A plump 3-pounder for Tony~
Against the Odds:

Good Friday and snow melt running off into the Eden coupled with icy northerly winds aren't the ideal conditions when chasing Spring trout. However, Tony Riley and I found some decent fish against the odds. Admittedly the first few trout were clearly rising to tiny midge though this early in the season, hungry fish will often pounce on a well placed olive dry fly. After lunch we were treated to a show of Large Dark Olives and sport really picked up. For once the cold was forgotten as we were able to targeting rising trout, a real bonus considering the river levels of late. Fingers crossed, hopefully the rain will hold off for Easter.


~Nearly there~
~2lb 4oz of pure wild Eden trout~