Tuesday, 20 April 2010

~Identifying potential trout food (photos by John Slader)~

Kimbridge Orvis course a success:

The weekend brought a taste of spring down in Hampshire when we met on the banks of the river Test for a chalkstream trout fishing workshop. With the sun beating down it was a pleasure to teach a group of eight very keen students, of course, assistance from John Slader made things a lot easier. Following a tackle talk and a look at what trout eat, it was off to the river for a discussion on casting techniques, before the all important question-what fly to use? Thankfully, a smattering of Large Dark Olives helped us here and the group did me proud by winkling out their share of fish.


~Talking Tactics~

~When words failed me-sign language helped.....!~

~Steve Davis clutching a nice brownie taken on dry fly~