Tuesday, 13 April 2010

~A hefty 3-pounder in tough conditions~

Basking in Spring Sunshine:

It's nice to feel a bit of sun on your back, especially after such a harsh winter. Sadly my local trout don't seem to share this view and bright days are often a kiss of death to potential sport, particularly when trees are lacking in leaf cover that provides all important shade. However, poking about on a quiet part of the Eden the other day, I chanced upon a big trout feeding mid-stream. Some 20 inches long and a whisker over 3lb, it's fish like this that make those tough days and long walks all worth it. One thing the sun has done, is encourage may insects to awaken. The Eden's population of large stoneflies are now showing and attaining over an inch in length these impressive beasties are more than a welcome mouthful for trout eager to put on weight.


~Large adult stoneflies charging their batteries in the Spring sunshine~