Sunday, 25 April 2010

~A newly emerged Large Dark Olive~
Hatches Kick Off:

The settled weather has seen numerous species of fly life awaken from the long cold winter. Although Large Dark Olives have been trickling off for a few weeks now, suddenly, several other flies have joined them. Found on the fast flowing rivers, large Stoneflies nymphs are crawling onto land and emerging into the somewhat impressive adults. It's a bumper year for Grannom sedge too. Richard Tong has reported plague like hatches of these welcome spring caddis on his home river the Wharfe (see photos below). What with all this action, it's difficult to decide on where to fish next? I'm planning a trip to Scotland this coming week. Obviously, large trout will be our focus. However, experiencing any hatch often ranks as the highlight of my day.

~Discarded Stonefly shucks point to recent active~

~A close up~

~Hundreds of Grannom cover a stepping stone (photo Richard Tong)

~Emerging Grannom and their empty shucks litter the Wharfe~