Saturday, 6 July 2013

Who cancelled summer…?


Iceland might well be known for it’s turbulent weather conditions, but they usually enjoy a few weeks of warmth in June and July.  And having spent the first couple of days sunning ourselves, we we now paying for it with front after front of bad weather.  Thankfully, the group had turned up with wet weather gear and thermals, so we fished on regardless.  Best of all, it didn’t seem to deter midge from hatching or trout from rising…





James (right) takes a break with an Icelandic guide during some pretty nasty weather











Even the driving rain and snow capped hills didn’t stop young Pat Naish from cracking a smile…one of life’s great optimists…







Wrapped up warm it’s business as usual for Ian Swettenham who leans on a stubborn trout during our Fly Odyssey Iceland experience