Monday, 8 July 2013

Finished on a high:


My last morning on the Laxa produced a couple of belting trout to dry fly.  In honesty, the conditions weren’t favourable as a chilly northerly whistled up the valley.  Determined to find a rising fish a fair bit of ground got covered.  Eventually though through sheer bloody mindedness I found a clutch of feeders.  The first trout was a total cocked-up, eagerness saw me lift far too soon. Oddly, this settled my nerves for the next couple of trout which were duly hooked.  Setting the hook is when the fun starts proper for those Laxa fish are brutal beasts that will not yield.  Following the usual argy-bargy, thankfully they were still attached and eventually landed!  




A long, well proportioned fish that punched well above its weight, leaving me feeling beat up, but very happy…






Fish No2…this beggar gave me heart palpations in the rough and tumble of a lava field