Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Trusty Iron…


Tangling with Viking trout requires tackle in which you have 100% confidence.  Sure, rod, reel and tippet are important pieces of kit, but that vital link still remains the hook on which your fly is dressed.  Come evening time, many tales echoed round the Laxa Lodge of epic battles with trophy trout.  There were those that ended in delight, yet others where things had gone horribly wrong.  Everything from broken leaders to snapped rods had caused disaster though one recurring theme seemed to be hook failure. Interestingly, hooks from certain manufactures where regularly being straightened by the Laxa’s spotted warriors.  However, the Partridge K4A (Grub) never buckled in the face of battle…Admittedly, I do crank the eye straight prior to dressing a fly, for in my mind it does look far better, that though is personal opinion.





~Dressed on a size 14 K4A this CdC shuttlecock did untold damage when Laxa trout were looking up for lunch~




…You need a trusty iron when dealing with Icelandic trout like this…