Friday, 5 July 2013

Spot the difference…?




Rod’s wading shoes came in the form of £10 sneakers from one of the UK supermarket chains








Normal folk tend to wear something a bit more substantial when it comes to navigating boulder strewn rivers…





Unable to get his felt sole wading boots properly disinfected, thinking on his feet, Rob Hartley invested in a pair of what can only be described as “deck shoes” for wading.  For the first few days where the substrate consisted of ground up volcanic lava all was well.  However, once we got onto more rocky streams Rob did a great impression of Bambi skating on ice… In fairness they lasted the duration, but it’s doubtful whether they’ll ever replace aqua stealth soles loaded with tungsten studs!






Rob fully armed and ready for a day on an Icelandic river though his footwear just doesn’t look right!