Saturday, 27 April 2013

Well Worth It:


The plan was to spend a few days north of the border, even going as far up as Aberdeenshire.  As ever, nature dealt us a cruel hand with rising rivers and strong northerly winds.  Aborting our mission, we managed to find one likely spot though again the wind proved a problem.  A good few hours walking and deliberating on where might be favourable passed before a handful of fish were eventually discovered.  Richard was first to score with a fit 1lb 10oz trout.  But, shortly afterwards the albeit meagre trickle of olives dried up.  A team of spiders worked through some tumbling water produced a modest pounder for me then out of nowhere this large snout poked through the surface film.  A quick flick upstream of this disturbance produced our best for the day (above), making our long journey and walk well worth it.

~Specimen trout like this hen fish are our future and need to be turned loose~