Monday, 8 April 2013

The Beginning of the End…?


Zephyr like breezes and much needed sun lifted weekend temperatures to nearly double figures.  In turn our coveted upwinged species responded by emerging in reasonable flurries.  Best of all though was the anticipated appearance of that iconic creature the March Brown, which trout really do relish.  As for the fishing, well the action might have been short lived, however, if you flitted from pool to pool it was possible to find rising trout before the curtain came down.  Hopefully at last this slight increase in temperatures signals the beginning of hatches proper and the end of winter’s icy grip…




It’d always nice to get a fish under your belt and I tend to make sure by using the net…





…Large and elegant, March Browns are perhaps the most wonderful of our upwinged flies…






~Despite March Browns being on the menu this trout snaffled an olive loopwing emerger~











Clean and in good fettle, you couldn’t wish for a better example of a spring trout