Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Big Boys come out to play…


A fair dollop of rain and breezy conditions have kept us off the rivers lately.  However, things settled down enough for me to nip out and spend a few hours on a favourite stretch of water.  Best of all, a half decent hatch of LDOs had some thumpers looking up for lunch.  This bruiser (right) weighed well over 3lb and towed me about the pool before he finally rolled over.  Another three notable fish followed, all were tucked up in daft spots, quietly sipping down a steady stream of duns…happy days! 


One of the lucky ones this Large Dark Olive dun found sanctuary on a dry boulder.  Yet, when they’re on the water nothing excites trout (or fishermen for that matter) more!









~You’d be hard pushed to find a better looking specimen than this lump.  Another that topped 3lb, making it the best session so far this season and one to remember~