Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Steady Trickle:

Flies 028

A glutton for punishment, I was out again yesterday.  Well, ever the optimist, my reckoning is that despite a horrible cold snap, things are bound to to kick off soon!  OK, so the hatch didn’t deliver, however for the first time this season, a steady trickle of Large Darks filtered downstream and joining them were a fair number of midges too (right).  Idle flows on pool tails and inside bends saw these two food sources gather where the odd dimple or two made it possible to pick off feeding fish.  Of course, such trout are often grateful now and although many were sipping in tiny midges they rarely refused a large CdC dun pattern.




~This spotted fellow might well have been knocking off midges, but couldn’t resist a CdC dry.





~Another fit fish about to be turned loose~