Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Steady Stream:


Despite the unwelcome return of that nagging easterly, a day on the Lancashire Colne saw a staggering number of Large Darks congregate quieter parts of the river (right).  I was with successful urban landscape artist Liam Spencer who happens to be just as skilful with a rod in his hand rather than brush.  For three hours a steady stream of duns lifted off making it possible to target trout using our beloved dry flies.  Granted, struggling water temperatures did seem to make some trout lethargic, but we found enough fish to make the trip more than worthwhile.  


~Liam pitches at a trout holding tight against the far bank~


~Following a welcome response, minutes later a feisty Colne fish comes thrashing to hand~









          …Phew, safely in the net…