Friday, 5 April 2013

Magical Moment:


Another gruelling day of a relentless easterly with sub zero temperatures.  In truth, I was staring a blank in the face when for no apparent reason those icy gusts just died away.  Suddenly, a degree or two warmer, up popped Large Darks Olives (right).  In fact for the first time this season, several littered the surface at once.  Best of all though were dimpling trout, right on theirs heels and there in front of me.  What followed was 15 minutes of pure magic that concluded with a solid 2 pounder.  Sadly this welcome activity was brought to an abrupt end by that bloody wind, which spread cat’s paws across the surface, rendering the river lifeless once more.

~My day concluded with the stunning and well marked 2lb plus cock fish~



…An ill wind killed the hatch stone dead to rob me off any further action~