Sunday, 10 February 2013

Troubled Times:


Getting to grips with giant trevally proofed harder than first thought.  For starters, you need to up the ante concerning rod ratings when anything less than a 12 weight is considered foolhardy. A reel with a decent drag is just as important, one that is capable of stopping a freight train is of course desirable.  Leaders need some thought too with a bite tippet of some 80lb about right.  To a trout fanatic, such tackle may seem overkill, but even this can seem flimsy when a GT is pulling hard at the other end of the line.  Our rods and reels held up well, sadly, out terminal tackle didn’t… Hooks got straightened, snapping jaws sliced through 80lb tippet and worse still, even fly lines got busted.  This takes some doing in open play though a tenacious fish running your line through sand doesn’t help.  Licking our wounds, it was back to camp to revise our tactics.




~Hooks not only need to be sharp they should be forged from strong steel too, unlike this model which failed to hold 60lb odd of tethered trevally~



~Even fly lines with a 90lb core were no match for some GTs as this sickening frayed end testifies~