Thursday, 7 February 2013

First Blood:


Sleeping bags laid out, we headed straight out onto the flats.  Granted, heavy cloud made sighting fish a challenge at best though miles of sandy flats inspired us.  As ever, nerves kicked in for the first few fish though eventually my muscles relaxed enough for a cast to lay a true cast and it was game on.  Now, small bonefish can be a bit of a handful, but something pushing 8lb pulls like a train.  Even worse, is when a shark homes in on your hooked fish then things get very interesting.  All I’ll say is a bonefish with a shark on its tail tears off like a formula 1 car.  Running after sharks and stamping your feet  might not seem wise but on this occasion it worked a treat…












~Thankfully this bonefish survived the razor sharp teeth of a menacing shark~