Tuesday, 12 February 2013

All comes good:

IMG_9100Terminal tackle sorted the hunt for GTs was back on.  Sunny weather helped of course, as despite their size Giant Trevally aren’t always easy to spot.  Walking a sandy flat close to a drop off gave us a fair crack at these predators which wandered into shallow water looking for unsuspecting prey.  Even then everything needed to be in your favour.  Funny how a fly line finds the tiniest of snags in such situations!  Thankfully things did go to plan when Mat McHugh found himself attached to a lump of a fish (left).  Then it was my turn to do battle after a solid GT scoffed my size 2/0 white deceiver.






~This beauty latched onto my white deceiver like no tomorrow~








~Mat turns loose another GT that instantly heads off to deeper water~