Monday, 18 February 2013

The Weird & Colourful:


Bonefish and Giant Trevally might have been our focus whilst in Tahiti, but any coral reef is a diverse environment with lots of weird and colourful creatures.  Species like this striking wrasse (right), picasa triggerfish (below) and various groupers showed a keen interest in our flies. And anything that didn’t weren’t the slightest bit camera shy.





~Exquisite picasa triggerfish were only too willing to grab our flies~




~Spots from head to tail decorated this small but perfectly formed grouper~







~Sea cucumbers might appear as dull and boring, yet they’re vital to a healthy reef as they filter sand for algae and detritus to render it clean and white~











~Crabs really don’t come anymore colourful than this beauty here~







~Sand flounders have the most amazing camouflage~





~Gannet colonies and their young were evident around the many islands  and outcrops~